Sunday, September 27, 2015

September 27 - Back up to the Parkway

Cindy and I headed up to the Blue Ridge Parkway again today to check out the color situation south towards Hwy 215. This time we got on the Parkway at the The North Carolina Arboretum since there was a huge bicycle thing happening on 276. We started seeing some color almost right away which is really early for this elevation. The color is still very spotty, but there are some very brilliant trees along the Parkway. It was also very foggy and drizzly the entire day again, but when we could see off the Parkway, the dominant color is still green by far. This spotty color continued all the way up and the fog got thicker as we got higher in elevation. I was hoping for a view of Second Falls, but couldn't see a thing. We bypassed Graveyard and headed to Hwy 215 and down to Sunburst Falls. The color has really picked up in that area since last week, but still isn't peak. We also stopped at that small waterfall along the road on the left that's about 1 1/2 miles from the Parkway. Water levels are back up as you can see by the pictures below. (Since my last post, this area has received 2-4 inches of much needed rain over a several day period.) Once back up on the BRP, we headed south. Someone was shooting wildflowers along the road and when we passed her I said 'I think that's Emily Felty!' So we turned around and sure enough it was! I had never me her before (a FB friend) and we had a really nice chat. Cindy and I then decided to head back to the house and are hoping for some less foggy weather tomorrow. I think we're heading towards the Viaduct to see what's happening up that way.

small waterfall along NC215

Sunburst Falls

shot along the foggy Parkway

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