Sunday, August 28, 2016

August 9, 2016 - Cedar Rock and Grogan Creek Falls, Pisgah National Forest

Today seemed like a good day to visit more waterfalls, so Cindy and I headed back to the Pisgah NF. Cedar Rock Falls and Grogan Creek Falls were both on my list for better video, so that's where we headed. Directions to both of those waterfalls can be found on my web site here.

Our first stop was Cedar Rock Falls and I was disappointed to see that there was more water in the creek than I had hoped for. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy being at the waterfalls when shooting conditions aren't ideal. With Cedar Rock Falls, I just couldn't get to a couple of the places where I wanted to shoot from, so I didn't get all the video and stills I had wanted. Here are a couple of shots I did get. I'll make a return trip to get video some other time.

Cedar Rock Falls

A couple of dead trees have fallen into the picture since the last time I was here. There are also several old dead hemlocks still standing around the waterfall, and when those fall, the place will be a mess.

There's also an upper Cedar Rock Falls, but we decided to save that for our last stop of the day. Our next destination was Grogan Creek Falls which is about a mile up the trail. This waterfall is small also, but has a lot of character with the small ledges that make up part of the waterfall. Grogan Creek was flowing high also, but the waterfall was looking pretty good.

Grogan Creek Falls

I've been here before when the creek was very low and I like the full look much better. It's hard to believe just how loud this waterfall was today. I did shoot video here, but there wasn't enough footage to put together a decent length video, so I'll go back at some other time in lower flow, shoot some more, then combine the clips from both days. This is a really nice spot and I highly recommend going here. The 2 mile hike is fairly flat for the most part and not many people visit this waterfall.

After soaking in the scenery here, we headed back the way we came and did stop at upper Cedar Rock Falls. It's right at a nice primitive camping spot, but requires a short scramble down a steep bank to get a view. This waterfall isn't as high or nice as the other 2, but is worth a stop if you are at this point on the trail.

Upper Cedar Rock Falls

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