Saturday, July 9, 2016

June 28, 2016 - Big Bearwallow Falls, Pisgah National Foresst

Bernie, Harry, and me at Big Bearwallow Falls in 2007

Bernie found this excellent waterfall back in 2007 and took Harry and me there shortly afterward. It's really close to NC215, but not visible from the road and down a very steep bank. I kept it off of my web site for the longest time because there's no trail to it, but decided to add it and had to go back to get specific directions. I have those posted here.

Kevin also added this waterfall to his new book, so I used the mileage he had for the pull off on 215. Odometers can vary from vehicle to vehicle, so my 2.6 miles put me at the pull off he talks about walking 75 yards up the road to begin the hike from. I could tell that this was the one because of the trash that had been thrown over the guard rail. Since there's no trail, I just hopped the guard rail and descended to the creek. I remembered Bernie taking us up the bank to an old road on the opposite side of the creek, so that's the way I went. I just couldn't remember how far down the waterfall was. I finally found it and ended up spending over an hour there shooting stills and video and enjoying the waterfall. I could hear traffic up on 215 and I'm sure very few if any of the people know that there's a waterfall here.

Big Bearwallow Falls


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